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Hair diffuser: how to use it


Want natural-looking healthy curls? Your search ends here. Almost every curlie has prayed and hoped that her curls look as glossy and elegant as the countless celebs and social media stars that rock their curls confidently. What if we told you there is a surefire way of achieving the lush envy-worthy curly-haired look you always wanted?

What’s better is that it takes mere minutes! Using a diffuser to dry curly hair is a holy grail secret all curly-haired beauties must know about. So what is a diffuser? How does it work and what does it do? We will answer all your burning questions below.

Naturally curly hair: The best way to get them

Embracing naturally curly hair has become a sensational comeback after years of being overlooked. Today, millions of curly-haired individuals celebrate their natural curls, eliciting a collective swoon. To achieve the best naturally curly hair, consider these tips:

  • Twist your curls. Try using a microfibre towel to press and twist your curls in the direction you want. This will add definition and help prevent frizz;

  • Use curl-defining creams and serums. Don’t forget to add in a curl-defining cream or serum to your hair care routine. Go for ones with ingredients such as Rosemary or Apricot oil;

  • Use a wide-toothed comb. Detangling your curls properly is the easiest way to bring out your natural curl pattern. Ditch your regular round brush and opt for a wide-toothed comb to minimize breakages and damage.


Identifying your exact curl type is the first step to finding the perfect hair care routine for you!
Read our guide "Discovering curl types and hair styles".


How to keep your hair curly?

Maintaining curly hair's ever-changing texture requires careful attention:

1. Use chemical-free hair care products

Harsh chemicals like Sulfates and Alcohols strip your curls of their natural oils and make them dull and frizzy. Skip these products and instead opt for hair care products with natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut oil etc;

2. Don’t forget to pre-poo

Pre-pooing is nothing but prepping your hair before you wash it. You can use a hair mask or hair oil to do so. Go for hair masks with Aloe vera gel, natural honey etc. Natural hair oils such as Argan and Coconut also do wonders for curly hair. 

3. Follow a proper drying method

Improper drying can lead to frizz and we don't ever want frizzy curls right? Hence, choose the method that you use to dry your curls with caution. Methods like plopping and diffusing work best on curly hair. 

Diffusing hair? How do I do it?

Longing for dreamy glossy curly hair that is frizz free and healthy looking? Try using a diffuser? So, what exactly is a diffuser? A diffuser is an innovative hair drying tool that disperses hot air over the surface of your curls in an even and controlled manner. This helps preserve your natural curl pattern and combat frizz. So how to diffuse your curls? Follow our step by step guide to get those flawless instagram worthy curls effortlessly.  

  • Take out the excess water. Use a microfiber towel to wring out any excess water from your curls and leave them damp;

  • Apply a heat protectant. Excessive heat can cause massive damage to your curls and cause frizz. To protect your hair against heat, use a good quality heat protectant;

  • Section your hair. Curly hair is extremely voluminous and hence sectioning it before drying is very important;

  • Diffuse it. Take a section of your curls and place its ends into the diffuser bowl. Move the diffuser from the ends to your roots. Repeat the whole process till all sections of your hair are covered;

  • Use a leave-in conditioner. Don’t forget to take care of your curls post drying. Use a hydrating leave-in conditioner to make them look shiner and glossier.


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How to dry curly hair without a diffuser?

Now that we know a bit more about diffusing, let us talk about other techniques of drying your curls. Choosing the correct drying technique can make a world of difference to the overall look and health of your curls. So which drying techniques work the best for curly hair? Keep reading to know more. 

  • Air Drying. The good old air drying! This time and tested method works best for you if you have extremely delicate curls that don't respond well to the heat. Wring out excess water from your and proceed to apply your styling products. Let your curls dry naturally and don't touch them further. It is important for you to remember, however, that this method is time-consuming and can cause irritation for more delicate skin.


  • Plopping. Plopping is another excellent hair drying technique that is simple and straightforward. Lay down a microfibre towel or t-shirt in front of you and lay your curls into it. Gather your curls into the towel or t-shirt from your crown and let them dry. Our best advice is to apply the plopping only for a few minutes and then diffusing. You will not regret the result!

How to use a hair dryer diffuser?

Want to try diffusing but don't want to invest in a completely new product? Convert your hair dryer into a diffuser by using a simple diffuser attachment. These attachments are readily available in the market and you can find one that fits your hair dryer easily. But how to use a hair dryer diffuser? More on this below. 

  1. Start by prepping your hair with a heat protectant

  2. Attach your diffuser attachment to your hair dryer. 

  3. Proceed to section your curls for an even drying effect.

  4. Place one section of your curls into the diffuser bowl or alternatively hover the hair dryer diffuser from the ends of your curls towards the tips.

  5. Finish off with a hair serum or leave in conditioner.

Hair dryer diffuser and hair diffuser: discover the difference

While diffusers have a longstanding presence, their technology continually evolves, demanding a thorough understanding before adoption. 

Exploring how a hair dryer diffuser operates is essential. These attachments, easily affixed to your hair dryer, excel in creating voluminous, defined curls with an added touch of definition that turns heads. Bowl-shaped with designed prongs, they gently lift and transform curls, preventing frizz. The circular wrapping motion ensures a controlled drying effect. Conveniently accessible and compatible with various dryers, they are perfect for travel.

Hair diffusers, a magical styling tool, particularly benefit curly hair, enhancing its innate beauty. Unlike standard blow-drying, diffusers evenly spread hot air, safeguarding against excess heat and frizz. Deeper bowls and longer fingers enhance the drying effect. 

Typically made of heat-resistant materials like plastic or silicon, they maintain the natural curl pattern. With a plethora of options available, research ensures the selection of a diffuser that best suits individual needs.

Exploring the world of hair diffusers unveils their enchanting benefits, particularly for those with curly locks. The intricate design and functionality of diffusers contribute to preserving the integrity of your natural curl pattern, creating a stunning, well-defined look. The even distribution of air prevents hotspots, allowing for a gentler, more controlled drying process.

Understanding the nuances of diffusers is key to unlocking their full potential.

Bellissima Diffon: The best way to diffuse your hair

diffon supreme bellissima italia

New to the world of diffusing or an experienced diffusing lover who is looking to switch something better? Today, we bring you one of the best diffusers on the market right now! 

The Bellissima Diffon is an award winning diffuser that is crafted by using Superior Italian Engineering. 

This revolutionary diffuser works on the principle of good heat and gently dries your curls without causing frizz or disrupting your natural curl pattern. Its Curl Booster technology comprises a perforated grid and twelve long fingers that dry your curls while preserving their elasticity and shape at the same time. 

Its Digital Heat Control provides further protection from heat damage by regulating temperatures. Moreover, its Ion Care Technology hydrates your curls and leaves them bouncier and shiner. Also, it's faster drying speeds make it a perfect fit for long curly hair. 

What else? Its Ceramic and Argan Oil technology gives full protection to your curls as you dry them and provides the complete anti-frizz and anti-dryness effect. It is specially designed to run on a power of 770 W. This might seem low, but is purposefully incorporated to give you a gentler drying effect and heat protection

Sit back and relax as you dry your hair, as the Diffon Supreme is extremely comfortable and flexible to use. Featuring Silicon diffuser tips and a Professional 3 m cord, it gives you salon like results from the comfort of your home. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own Diffon Supreme from Bellissima Italia today and transform your curls effortlessly.

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