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Diffon Bellissima: How to choose it

Tired of lifeless-looking limp curls? Have you spent hours scrolling through Instagram, wishing your curls looked as glossy and defined as Rihanna’s? Put your worries to the side. What if we told you there is a magic trick to achieve healthy-looking natural curls instantly? Yes, we aren't kidding. Let us let you in on the secret. 


The easiest way of getting those glorious elegant curls is to use a diffuser. So what exactly is a diffuser? What does it do and how to use it? We have the answers to all your questions. Read along to know more.

What does a hair diffuser do?

So first things first. What does a hair diffuser do? A hair diffuser is an innovative hairstyling tool that spreads hot air over the surface of your curls evenly. It helps reduce frizz as well as protects your natural curl pattern. 

A Diffuser can come as a hair dryer attachment as well as a standalone product. It typically features a bowl-like shape and comes with prongs. These prongs are specially designed to lift the roots of your curls, thus adding that extra volume that we all dream of. A diffuser can help give you voluminous, bouncy curls in an instant. It also helps cup your curls in a single place, thus not disrupting your natural curl pattern. 

It is also extremely flexible to use, and you can use it when your head is upside down as well. It also protects your delicate curls from heat damage, as it spreads hot air over the surface of your curls in a controlled manner and dries them gently. Thus, it is safe to say that a diffuser is a holy grail hairstyling tool that is a must-have in your hair care kit for achieving glossy, beautiful curly hair.

How to diffuse curly hair

So what exactly is diffusing? And how does one diffuser curly hair? Below, we answer all your burning questions

After you finish washing your hair, it is time to dry it. The drying method that you pick can have a dramatic effect on the overall health of your hair. Improper drying techniques can result in frizz and make your curls look lifeless. If healthy-looking natural curls are what you are after, we suggest diffusing your curls. 

Diffusing is nothing but spreading hot air over the surface of your curls in a controlled manner so as not to disrupt its natural curl pattern. The Curly Girl method places special emphasis on diffusing and swears by its results. If you want to give diffusing a go, then we suggest you invest in a good-quality hair diffuser attachment or a hair diffuser. Both are two different hair care products with their own functioning. Pick one that works for you and get fresh salon-like curls at home.

Hair dryer with diffuser vs hair diffuser: Pros and Cons

As we touched upon briefly earlier, a diffuser can come as a hair dryer attachment or as a single tool. Both these are completely different products with their unique mechanisms. So which one should you go for? Here are the pros and cons of both: 

Hair dryer with diffuser 

Did you know that you can transform your plain, trustworthy hair dryer into a diffuser by using a diffuser attachment? Yes, it's that easy, These attachments are readily available in the market and they are compatible with most commercially available hair dryers. Let us look at some of their pros and cons


  • It is convenient. These diffuser attachments are extremely convenient to use. Just pop one to the end of your regular dryer and convert it into a diffuser.
  • No need for a new product. If you don’t want to invest in a completely new product, a diffuser attachment is for you. Just tape it to your existing dryer and get the results that you are looking for.
  •  It is lightweight and easy to carry. A hair dryer diffuser attachment is very lightweight and can fit into your purse. This makes it easy to use while travelling. 


  • Not universally compatible: Not all diffuser attachments work with each and every hair dryer. Hence, it is highly important to choose one that is compatible with your hair dryer. 
  • Can be a bit pricy: Hair dryer diffuser attachments work wonders, however, they tend to be towards the pricer side.

Hair Diffuser

A hair diffuser is a hair-drying tool specifically designed to diffuse your hair. Using a hair diffuser is the easiest trick to get those bouncy cascading curls of your dreams. So what are its pros and cons? Read along 


  • Specially designed for curly hair: Hair diffusers are hair-drying tools that are specially designed for the needs of curly hair. They give you a gentle drying effect without disrupting your natural curl pattern. 
  • Helps prevent frizz: Since diffusers spread hot air evenly over the surface of your curls, they prevent frizz and help combat dryness. 


  • They can be bulky. Hair diffusers are often large in size and hence difficult to store. 

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Curly hair diffuser and hair dryer diffuser: How to use them

red curly hair girl

Achieve professional salon-quality results at home with the effective use of both a curly hair diffuser and a hair dryer diffuser. 

  • Begin by washing your hair using sulphate and alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner. 

  • Use a microfibre towel to remove excess water, ensuring your curls are damp. 

  • Apply a strong hold leave-in conditioner and heat protectant to safeguard your curls during the styling process.

  • Tilt your head to the side and downwards, taking a small hair section and placing it in the diffuser cup. Allow the roots to gain volume and movement by holding the position for approximately 30 seconds. 

  • Repeat this process for all sections of your hair until your entire head is covered. This method enhances the natural curl pattern and minimises frizz.


Moving on to the hair dryer diffuser: 

  • Start by prepping your hair with a leave-in conditioner or natural oils like Coconut or Argan, coupled with a heat protectant. 

  • Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer, ensuring compatibility. 

  • Section your hair to facilitate even diffusion, and place the hair ends in the diffuser attachment.

  • Rotate the diffuser in a circular motion, moving towards the roots to maintain uniformity in the curl pattern.

Post-drying care is essential for both methods. After diffusing your curls properly, apply a hair care serum to lock in the results and preserve the frizz-free, bouncy curls for an extended period. By following these steps, you can effortlessly create and maintain stunning curls, achieving a polished and refined look without leaving the comfort of your home.  

How to use a diffuser on wavy hair

Wavy hair falls under a category of its own. It is neither straight nor completely curly. Hence, it has its own special needs characteristics. So what are the best techniques to diffuse wavy hair? Read along to find more.

1. Pixie diffusing

Apply your styling products and then proceed to gather your curls in the diffuser upside down. Raise the diffuser towards the roots of your hair and turn it on. Make sure to use low speeds and low temperatures always.

2. Hover diffusing

After washing your hair and applying styling products, tilt your head upside down. Proceed to hover the diffuser near the roots of your curls and dry them first. Proceed to dry the rest of your waves next. 

3. Hammock diffusing

Set your diffuser on the counter in front of you. Align your head with the diffuser and use a microfiber towel to lift up sections of your hair. Start from the roots and then proceed to dry the rest of your waves. 

Which is the best diffuser for curly hair?

With the market flooded with diffusers and diffuser attachments of all shapes and forms, choosing the right one for your curls can get a bit tricky. However, we are here to help. Read more about our best tips to choose the perfect diffuser for your curls and breathe new life into them. 

  • Select the right design. Diffusers mostly come in a bowl-like form and have prongs or fingers attached to them. Go for a design that features a deep bowl and longer fingers for the best results.

  • Look at the material used. Choose plastic or silicon body diffusers always. These diffusers are lightweight and easy to carry. They also don’t heat while using and are more convenient to use.

  • See what is compatible. If you are opting for a hair diffuser attachment, make sure that it fits and works well with your existing hair dryer.

  • Explore extra features. While most diffusers can diffuse your curls easily, some come equipped with extra features to add that extra oomph to your curls. Look out for features such as faster drying speed, anti-frizz effect, heat protectant technology etc.

Bellissima Diffon: Gently diffuses your curls

diffon supreme bellissima italia

If you are looking to invest in a good quality high-grade diffuser, Bellissima Diffon is the one for you. This award-winning diffuser is crafted using superior Italian engineering and works on the principle of ‘good heat’. Its Curls Booster system features a perforated grid and twelve long fingers to gently dry your curls while protecting their natural curl pattern. Its Argan Oil and Ceramic technology gives you that much-coveted anti-frizz effect and leaves your hair shiny and supple. Further, its Ion Care Technology hydrates your curls to give you glossy high definition curls that will make heads turn. 

Take control of the heat being used on your curls using its Digital heat control that features 3 temperature and 2-speed levels. Further, the Diffon Supreme runs on a 770-watt power. This low power is specially incorporated to protect your curls from excessive heat damage. It is also very flexible and convenient to use because of its professional 3m cord and silicon diffuser tips

So what are you waiting for? Grab the latest Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia today and transform your curls in an instant.

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