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Curly hairstyles: All the latest looks

curly hairstyles

If you are anything like me, you have spent the majority portion of your life hating your curly hair. After all, all the magazines and social media have drilled into our brains that straight sleek hair is the ultimate beauty standard. However, this can't be further from the truth currently. Women all over the world have started accepting their natural curly hair. The importance of embracing your inner beauty and natural hair is talked about more and more these days. 

How to make your hair curly

After all, curly hair is wild, unique, and beautiful. Thus, it is time to ditch your hair straighteners and quit damaging your natural hair. Accept yourself for the uniquely beautiful woman that you are (With uniquely beautiful hair). However, are you struggling with maintaining your curls and finding a style that suits you? Let us make this journey a little easier for you. Achieving stunning curls is easier than you think.
Use a diffuser with a heat protectant spray to avoid damage. For defined curls, try using a setting lotion. Enhance and hold your curls with curl-enhancing mousse or styling cream. Apply to damp hair, scrunching gently. Embrace your curly hair with these tools, techniques, and products. Get ready to turn heads and rock those enviable curls confidently!
Today we bring you everything you need to know about finding the right curly hairstyle for you and let you in on all our curly hair maintenance secrets:

  • Preserve Your Curls While You Sleep. Prevent the dreaded bedhead by tying your hair before bedtime. Minimizing tangles is essential to avoid damage. Techniques like pineapple your hair can result in stunning, magazine-worthy curls when you wake up;

  • Upgrade Your Detangling Tool. Swap your traditional hairbrush for a high-quality wide-toothed comb. Brushing can lead to hair strand loss, and detangling requires care. Opting for a wide-toothed comb reduces breakage and damage. You can also try detangling your hair by using your fingers;

  • Limit hair washing. Avoid the common mistake of overwashing your curls, as it can strip away natural oils and lead to dryness and frizz. We recommend washing your hair only once or twice a week to maintain those desired bouncy curls;

  • Revive your curls. Wondering how to refresh your curly hair after a night's sleep? Start by using a curl refresher spray to reactivate your curls. Gently scrunch your hair to restore volume and bounce. Now, you're ready to embrace the day with refreshed, gorgeous curls.

By following these tips and embracing your curly hair with these techniques and products, you'll be ready to turn heads and rock those enviable curls confidently.

Short curly hair: All the latest trends

short curly hair

Short curly hair is extremely gorgeous and can instantly enhance your looks. Nevertheless, are you confused about what latest trendy short curly hairstyle will suit you? Or perhaps you are looking to upgrade your hairstyle to look more elegant and stylish? Read about to check out our top picks for short curly hairstyles

  • The curly pixie: Who says that pixie haircuts are only for women with very straight hair? A pixie cut on short curly hair looks extremely fabulous. This haircut is most definitely not for the faint-hearted and if done right can make heads turn. It is also extremely low-maintenance and easy to style every day. Not to mention, it is very versatile and looks good with curly hair of all textures. 

  • The curly undercut: Are you tired of the same old boring hair and are looking to upgrade your style to something edgier? The curly undercut is the answer for you. This edge hairstyle will change your look instantly and will definitely make you stand apart from the crowd. The trick is to have longer curls at the top of your head and keep them short towards the back and sides.  

  • Short Platinum curls: The easiest way to change your look is to dye your hair and what better colour to dye it to than bombshell platinum blonde? This gorgeous evergreen colour has been a go-to favourite for many Hollywood stars for decades. Channel your inner Marylin Monroe and dye your curls to a bombshell platinum blonde today.

Looking for the best way to style your curls?
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How to style short curly hair

Are you one of the gorgeous ladies who rock short curly hair? Or perhaps you love short curly hair and want to try this look but are confused about how to style it? Today, we have the solution to your questions and we bring you our favourite tips and tricks on styling short curly hair.  

The cute as a button half bun 


We often assume that the half bun is a hairstyle that can only look good on women with long curly hair. But today we prove you wrong. This hairstyle can look really cute on short curly hair and is easy to replicate. Just take a section of your hair and secure it to the top of your head with a hair tie. Let down the curls at the sides and back and you are ready to go!


The otherworldly space buns 


This gorgeous hairstyle needs no introduction! Chances are that you have seen your favourite influencers and movie stars with this hairstyle at least once. Moreover, this style is very easy to do and actually helps preserve the health of your hair. Divide your hair into two sections from the middle. Take a section and fold it into a small bun. Proceed to secure it with a bobby pin and you are good to go. 

Long curly hair: All the styling tricks

Are you one of the lucky lucky ladies who is blessed with long naturally beautiful curly hair? Well, when it comes to styling your hair, the world is your oyster! You have a plethora of hairstyles that you can choose from and many of these styles are incredibly low maintenance. You can change your look every single day if you want! Check out our favourite hairstyles for long curly hair below:

The high ponytail

This elegant hairstyle is a go-to everyday look for many and with good reason. It is effortlessly chic and easy to style. Just back-comb your hair and gather it on the top of your head. Secure your high pony with a hair tie and you are good to go.

long curly hair


The beautiful half-braid

This chic and easy hairstyle is very easy to do and looks so good that it makes our mouths water! Split your hair into two sections. Tie one half of your hair into a loose ponytail and then secure it to the base of your hair. Yes, it is that simple! 

The classic bun

The classic bun is a favourite hairstyle of many long curly-haired girls and now we know why! It is just so chic and elegant. Gather up your hair into a high pony and divide it into two sections. Proceed to pin the sections into a bun and look picture-perfect instantly. 

How to sleep with curly hair

Tangles and breakages are the enemy number one of all curly-haired girlies. Of course, our hair is the most tangled when we wake up. Looking for tips on protecting your hair better when you sleep? Read along to know all our favourite tips on sleeping with curly hair.

1. Pineappling is the way to go

Pineapple your hair when you sleep and wake up to beautiful manageable curls in the morning. Just gather your hair into a high pony and secure it to the top of your head with a head scarf or soft tie and get ready for bed! 

2. Use a silk pillow case

Silk pillowcases are known to reduce the friction on your hair as you sleep. Invest in a good quality silk pillowcase and wake up to healthy-looking curls instantly.

Curly hair brushing: all the secrets you need to know

We are often so lost in the world of haircare products and tools that we often neglect the first step in having healthy natural-looking curls. This is of course brushing your hair the correct way. Read along to learn all about the right techniques to brush your hair and what tools should you opt for. 

  • Use your fingers: If your hair is extremely curly and thick, then we would suggest first detangling it with your fingers. This will help you get out the majority of tangles and will make brushing the hair easier.

  • Divide your hair into sections: If you have very long curly hair, we suggest you divide it into sections before you brush it. This will make the whole process of brushing easier and will help minimize hair breakages. 

Looking for the best way to style your curls?
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How to keep hair curly

Have you always dreamt of achieving those beautiful elegant curls? Are you tired of having flat frizzy curly hair? Fret not! Today we bring you a comprehensive guide to all the best hair treatments for curly hair. Read along to start your hair care journey today. 

1. To add volume to your hair

Many curlies often struggle with thin flat hair and don’t know how to fix the problem. We suggest trying volume-enhancing methods like finger coiling and plopping. Also adding in shampoos and conditioners with volumizing ingredients such as Betaines, Sultaines etc. works wonders. 

2. To add definition to your hair

If you want those gorgeous defined 3D curls for your dreams, we suggest you invest in a good curling cream. Look for creams with natural ingredients such as Shea butter and Coconut Oil. Also, go for products that give a better hold. This will ensure that your curls stay lustrous between wash days

3. To minimize frizz

Hydration is the key to minimize frizz and eliminate dryness. Opt for Sulphate and Alcohol-free cleansers and conditioners. Also, include a good leave-in conditioner in your hair care routine for extra hydration.

Also, another effective way to reduce frizz is to invest in a good quality hair diffuser

A diffuser is a hair-drying tool that distributes heat evenly on the surface of your hair to provide effective drying and eliminate frizz. 

Our favourite diffuser on the market right now is the Bellissima Diffon Supreme.

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Bellissima Diffon: the perfect ally for your styling routine

02_Diffon_Supreme_Chiara_Mano_0035 Reversed

This miracle product is specifically designed for the needs of curly hair and helps enhance your natural curls so that they remain soft and supple. It combines the technology of ‘good heat’ and the natural goodness of Argan oil to combat Frizziness

It is also designed with ceramic coating and ion technology at its heart along with Supreme Curl Flow technology that gives anti-frizz effect and delicate even drying. It is gentle on even the finest curls and is committed to protecting the needs of your hair. 

Thanks to the innovative action of negative and positive ions, it helps preserve the natural hydration of your hair. It also comes with digital heat control, so that you can select the temperature that works best for your hair. 

Furthermore, it features a unique perforated grid for even heat distribution and comes with twelve long fingers to enhance the natural shape and elasticity of your curls. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Diffon Supreme today and share your amazing hair results with us! 

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