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Hair wash: the best routine for curly hair

Curly hair is complicated, to say the least. No one knows the dedication that goes into maintaining it like we do, which is why we curly-haired chicks have to stick together. 

how to wash curly hair

How to wash curly hair

So, here are our most valuable tips and tricks to make things simpler from how to wash curly hair to reviving it in between washes, from how often you should wash curly hair to pre-poo secrets, and everything in between. 

Wavy hair: tips to wash it perfectly

How to wash wavy hair? If you have wavy hair, there are a few different ways to clean your hair, and how often you do it will depend on which one you choose. 

  • Regular with pre-poo treatment first: This involves shampooing and conditioning as normal but with an extra step first to preserve moisture as you wash your hair. How often should you wash curly/wavy hair types this way you ask? 1-3 times a week.

  • Regular with pre-poo treatment first and leave-in conditioner to finish: Pre-poo, shampoo, conditioner, plus a leave-in conditioner when you step out of the shower to replace any lost moisture. Also 1-3 times a week.

  • Co-wash: Co-washing is washing your wavy hair with a conditioner-like formula. It’s typically recommended once a week so you don’t drown your hair in moisture and cause it to stretch and lose elasticity.

Curly hair combing: how to do it

Rule number 1 of how to comb curly hair: the hair tool you choose matters. Combing curly hair with a regular hair brush will stretch the curls and loosen the curl pattern, making them fall flat. 
Instead, choose a wide-tooth comb. They’re designed for curly hair to detangle curls with minimal friction to keep the curl pattern intact. Now you have the right hair tool, here’s how to use it. 

1. Use a detangling spray

To help the comb slide through the curls and avoid scalp-tugging, we always recommend a detangling spray.

2. If you can, only comb curly hair when it’s wet

If you were wondering if there is a right time to be combing curly hair, there is, and it’s when it’s wet. This is because hair has more elasticity when wet, meaning the curls will quickly regain their natural pattern. 

3. Start at the bottom and work your way up

By combing curly hair from the bottom to the top, you can separate individual knots, rather than pushing them down from the top of the head and clumping them together.

4. Avoid combing the same area more than once

Curly hair is fragile and prone to breakage, so combing the same area multiple times will cause more hair loss. Before using a comb for curly hair, secure the hair into manageable sections and comb each one separately.

Looking for a way to make your curls last longer between washes?
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Blow dry curls: all the techniques


According to the experts, this is the one and only way to blow dry curls for the best results. Beautiful bouncy curls coming right up… (we trialled and tested it). 

Prep your curls 

How you deal with curly hair when it’s wet will determine its texture when it’s dry. After it’s been washed, apply a hydrating styling cream evenly through your curls to enhance definition and quench their thirst. This is a crucial step as curly hair is often dry as the curls make it difficult for the naturally produced oils on our scalp to travel from root to tip. Next up is a heat protectant to seal your strands to prevent heat damage when blow-drying your curls. 

Use a diffuser 

To blow dry curly hair, you’ll want to use a diffuser as it won’t disturb your natural curl pattern. Here’s how:

  • Absorb excess water from the hair with a microfiber towel.

  • Apply styling products then gently twirl individual curls around your finger, then release, following the natural curl pattern as much as you can. This will help them hold their shape for longer. 

  • Section the hair into four equal parts and secure them in place with a clip. Or less if the hair is thinner. Sectioning the hair will ensure you don’t leave your inner hair damp and frizzy.

  • Tilt your head to the side of the section you’re working on. Gently place it in the diffuser, bringing it halfway up the hair and holding it in place until dry, then blast with cold air to seal the cuticles for longer-lasting curls. Repeat for all four sections. 

Add some shine

When your curly hair is fully dry, apply a nourishing hair oil for a healthy shine. Using oil at the end of the drying process helps break the 'cast' (the excess of styling products that gives a 'plastic' and rigid effect to the hair).

How to tame frizzy curly hair?

Before we get to the juicy part about how to stop curly hair from going frizzy, we need to understand why it happens. When hair is damaged, the cuticle - the outer layer of the hair strand - raises which causes a frizzy appearance. So, the answer to your question How to make my curly hair not frizzy? is repairing and flattening your hair cuticles. Discover how to go from frizzy to fabulous below. 

  • Add more moisture: When the hair is damaged, it becomes dry as the raised cuticles let moisture escape. Adding more moisture wherever you can (think hydrating shampoos, conditioners, hair masks etc.) will restore moisture levels and smoothen your hair cuticles.

  • Microfiber towel: The stiff texture of cotton towels creates unnecessary friction with the curls which can lift the hair cuticles even higher. Microfiber towels are made up of soft microscopic fibres that won’t cause so much friction. 

  • Be mindful of the ingredients you’re using: Harmful haircare ingredients, such as alcohol and sulphates, can lead to hair damage and frizziness over time. Watch out for them.

  • Invest in a diffuser: Still wondering how to stop curly hair from going frizzy? Blow-drying curly hair with a regular hair dryer is a sure way to rough up hair cuticles as it’s blown in every direction. Diffusers hold curls in place whilst evenly distributing heat.

Looking for a way to make your curls last longer between washes?
Discover "The ultimate guide to keeping your curls looking great between washes".


Curly hair: how to revive them

How to revive curly hair in need of a pick-me-up? Simple. Keep scrolling for 4 easy-peasy ways to make your curly hair happier. 

1. Clarifying shampoo

These remove product build-up which contributes to dull curly hair as it prevents any new products from entering. If you’re always trying out new products that promise oh-so-shiny strands but never see any results, this could be why;

2. Sleep with a silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases reduce friction when tossing and turning as you snooze, helping to preserve your curls overnight;

3. Radiance-boosting hair mask

Just 10-15 minutes in a hair mask that works to restore glossiness and you’ll be good to glow;

4. Dry shampoo

Working to absorb excess oils ASAP, your curly hair will look less greasy with more volume in seconds;

5. Stimulate the scalp

But what about how to revive curly hair with what you’ve already got? Use your fingers to massage the scalp for better blood circulation to increase nutrient delivery. Healthy scalp = healthy hair. 

Afro hair: the perfect beauty routine

afro hair

Afro hair is the most delicate hair type on the block, meaning it needs more TLC to do its thing. Below you’ll find the best Afro hair routine to enhance their natural beauty. 

The best washing/drying routine for Afro hair

  • Pre-poo treatment - Applying a pre-poo treatment to all types of afro hair is essential as it’s almost impossible for the scalp’s naturally moisturising oils to travel from root to tip. A pre-poo treatment prevents more moisture from being lost during washing/drying. Apply and leave it in for at least 30 minutes.

  • Massage in shampoo - Soak the hair with water, then massage the shampoo in, not forgetting all those hard-to-reach places. 

  • Apply conditioner - Create 4 equal sections and clip them in place. Take each one down at a time and coat it in conditioner. 

  • Grab a detangling brush - Start detangling the hair from the bottom to the top. Once you’ve finished a section, two strands twist it and move on to the next one until complete, then rinse.

  • Leave-in conditioner - For extra moisture, apply a leave-in conditioner once you’re out of the shower. Here’s where you can add any styling products if you wish.

  • Dry with a diffuser - Section the hair then place each one in the diffuser one at a time, lifting it as close to the scalp as you can. Repeat until the hair is completely dry.

  • Finishing oil - Lastly, apply hair oil for added moisture and shine.

Bellissima Italia to blow dry your curly hair at all times

Bellissima Italia offers hair styling solutions like Bellissima Diffon, our best diffuser for curly hair types. The 2-in-1 styling tool blow-dries and styles your curls at the same time, whilst protecting them against heat damage with ceramic and argan oil. Your haircare routine will never be the same again, nor would you want it to be. But don’t just take our word for it, the Diffon diffuser reviews speak for themselves!

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